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Elite International Ltd. is the boutique executive search consultancy of 1st choice to multinational companies. It aims at recruiting talented professionals for companies at middle, senior and executive levels of management. It covers a broad range of industry sectors and diversity of cultures. Elites Search enables clients to contact and attract the most capable individuals.

In addition to providing clients with high standard services in a professional manner, we also stress our emphasis on specialized industry experience. Each Elite International staff is trained to provide both a thorough knowledge of the local market and keen insight into key industries and functional areas. We combine our clients' business insight with our own industry expertise to provide personalized search and assessment services to multinational organizations focusing on Asian markets.
Leadership mentoring and coaching program
Individual and 720 degree assessment for 1 protégés (1 facilitation session of 1 hour )
6 month span Integrated mentoring and coaching plan for 1 protégés and coachees.It includes 3 mentoring sessions and 3 coaching sessions. (6 1:1 coaching hours + 6 1:1 mentoring hours + 6 misc working hours)

1 individual 720 degree assessment
3 coaching session working paper
1 mentoring report